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  • 1、 oil and gas mining industry

    ◆ The oilfield ground engineering oil filtration and purification and filtration device
    ◆The oil and gas liquefied natural gas, hydrocarbon, edge wells, recovery of torch gas filtering device
    ◆ The oil gas treatment project filtering device
    ◆ The oil field water filter device
    ◆ Pipeline, gas collection / treatment station, pipeline filter - gas field surface engineering of natural gas gathering
    ◆ The water treatment engineering filtering device
    ◆ The oily sewage treatment engineering filtering device
    ◆ Engineering treatment of oily sludge - filtration device
    ◆ Water filtration apparatus - oil recovery
    ◆ The drilling completion fluid and water filtration device

  • 2、 Oil refining, oil storage, gasoline / Diesel / lubricating oil industry

    ◆ The coal tar oil, naphtha, paraffin oil, gasoline / diesel hydrofining filtering device
    ◆ The coal tar oil, naphtha, paraffin oil, gasoline / diesel filter catalytic cracking device
    ◆ The storage depot before the pump after the pump filter
    ◆ The steam / oil / Diesel / lubricating system filtering device
    ◆ The oil filter station / steel mills
    ◆ The oil-water separation filtration device

  • 3、 chemical industry

    ◆ The catalyst / noble metal recovery filtering device
    ◆ Two / salt brine filtration device in the lye
    ◆ The chemical raw materials / organic solvent and strong acid filtering device
    ◆ The highly toxic, flammable and explosive medium filtering device
    ◆ The decolorizing liquid filtration device in powdered activated carbon
    ◆ The high viscosity chemical filtration device
    ◆ Super fine filter - end products
    ◆ Filtering, washing and drying the product recovery filtering device
    ◆ The coal oil, coal to olefins / aromatics, coal gas, coal glycol filtering device
    ◆ The MTP, DMTO, olefins, coke oven gas synthesis gas to ethylene glycol project filtering device

  • 4、 gas filtration and separation industry

    ◆ Mining, transportation, liquefied natural gas project - filtration and separation device
    ◆ The coalbed gas / shale gas and LNG project, filtration and separation device
    ◆ The LNG project of coke oven gas filtration and separation device
    ◆ The cryogenic engineering matching filtering device
    ◆ The industrial project filtering device
    ◆ The high temperature gas, coal gasification project of flue gas and oil and gas filtering device
    ◆ The ultra pure gas filtration and purification device
    ◆ The LNG, CNG, recovery of torch gas production module filtering device
    ◆ The gas with high temperature, high pressure gas, compressed air filtering device

  • 5、 environmental protection / water treatment industry

    ◆ The flue gas desulfurization wastewater containing dust filtering and recovering device
    ◆ The amine desulfurization project filtering device
    ◆ The surface water use project
    ◆ The use of seawater desalination, water use / filtering device
    ◆ The oily wastewater, ammonia water filtration and separation device
    ◆ The mine water recycling filtration device
    ◆ The rainwater collection system filtering device
    ◆ The use of recycled water, cold rolled steel and engineering oily emulsion wastewater and treatment
    ◆ The blast furnace slag waste heat recovery water project
    ◆ The paper mill sealed water filtration system project
    ◆ The chemical production wastewater treatment and reuse project

  • 6、 energy / industrial manufacturing and supporting

    ◆ The compressor
    ◆ The cryogenic air separation device
    ◆ The valve accessory
    ◆ The gas turbine supporting device
    ◆ The automobile manufacturing facilities
    ◆ The metallurgical industry supporting
    ◆ The shipbuilding industry supporting
    ◆ The mining industry supporting
    ◆ The polysilicon industry silicon powder conveying, synthesis gas, synthesis reactor furnace / hydrogenation furnace / incineration exhaust filtration system, four silicon tetrachloride treatment device
    ◆ The new energy automotive battery industry filter device